nineteenninetyonenostalgia said: I got to Crystal ep 4 kinda late. Was wondering what you thought of the moment when Mamoru hushed Usagi during the dance scene? Personally I actually disliked that more than the kiss scene because I knew the kiss was coming because it was in the manga and original anime.

I wasn’t more upset about it than the kiss, certainly, but it did bother me a little (and I wondered if I was just too sensitive). It’s just, so far in Crystal they’ve cut out the moments that show Mamoru’s vulnerable side (like him blushing during the bus scene) and that hush gesture adds a bit more of “dominating male suaveness” that wasn’t there originally.What’s interesting about their dynamic is how non-dominating and how vulnerable Mamoru is around Usagi and I hope Crystal doesn’t forget that.

This is all pre-reveal and character development for Mamoru though, he’s still in his awkward trying-to-be-suave stage. They did keep the line where he thanked her for saving him, so, I’m not going to worry too prematurely- we’ll have to see their interaction when Mamoru reveals himself to her, because he was very openly vulnerable in the manga there (as well as the aftermath to that).