2/3 members of my group in grad school this semester are so damn sloppy. Here I am churning out 500 word responses- which is how long they’re supposed to be- and 20 page submissions- they’re supposed to be 10-25 pages- and i’m getting a few scattered sentences of response and then one girl turning in 3-6 page stuff. I know we’re not getting grades but dang. It’s like, why am I trying so hard.


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nineteenninetyonenostalgia said: Why in your opinion does a series like Sailor Moon, made by a woman, for girls/women about girls/women have so many male fans?

Well, for the bigger picture, I think it’s just that good or fun stories in particular are going to attract people of any background regardless of who they’re aimed for. People are going to connect with stuff.It’s the same reason girls like stuff that clearly male aimed. You could ask why a girl like me fell in love with American superhero comics, and that’s because I love action and justice and larger than life characters. The same could be said for Sailor Moon. Magical superheroes kicking ass, dynamic characters, friendships, silliness- all that can appeal to anyone. Just because something’s aimed for someone doesn’t mean other people can’t enjoy it. And I’m glad guys can find something in Sailor Moon.

It’s just with women in particular, it’s imperative to make room for us when we show interest, because there’s not much out there for us. Men don’t really need that because the world caters to them anyway right now, so crying that this one thing isn’t all about them is pretty eye-roll worthy.

But with Sailor Moon in particular, there’s no denying there’s a subset of male fans that fetishize the show. Though Takeuchi decided to go with the schoolgirl uniforms because she knew it would resonate with her female fans, she also noted in an interview that she was aware the guys found them attractive. And it’s not like there weren’t moments of male-aimed fanservice in the original anime (though it tends to be exaggerated by people not familiar with the show) put in by the male creative team. I can’t deny that. So there are guys who will watch the show looking for hot underage girls in miniskirts. That subset, however, should not ever be catered to, imo and I’m glad Crystal is not catering to them thus far. 


re: reblogging the post on Bryke I should make it clear there’s no shame in being a good idea guy and not necessarily a great writer. This season and the fact they didn’t write many episodes is a good indication they got that wasn’t their strength, and I’m glad. Shows are collaborative processes. The idea for Avatar was great, so was the idea behind Korra and I will always respect them on that front. But there’s no doubt at this point that other people were very important to the development of these shows and writing…like…relationships or endings or anything isn’t necessarily their strength. And that’s fine. I hope they continue to understand that and let other people turn their ideas into good writing in season 4.



Ill just leave this here…

why would you

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While I was watching this part I noticed that this was the same place Jet died. When Jinora looked shocked, my cousin pointed out that Jinora probably saw Jet’s remains. 

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sometimes y’all reblog the stuff bryan says like YEAH TELL THOSE NOSTALGIA GOGGLE WHINERS! !!! and rly uncritically sometimes and I don’t know what to do with you tbh

Incidentally I said this before learning that Bryke didn’t write or direct the finale that everyone said was the best so far.

That is hilarious to me.

That is mad telling, is it not?

That they weren’t involved and its been widely accepted as OMFG I AM NOT OKAY!!!! I NEED MOAR at best and #NotBad at worst?

Why are people still stanning for them lol idgi

I understand appreciation for the creative team (same!) and the animation (hell yeah) and a show centered around a brown heroine (hell yes!)

But bryke at this point?


They’re twelve. They are shipping-petty. They wanted Toph and Azula to be dudes. They wanted Asami to be a turncoat villain. The mentioned the Earth queen as if she might be a positive figure and we see how that turned out. Ginger was a prize and evaporated after being gifted. Lin’s narrative is being Tenzins ex and bitter and alone. Toph was a bad mother, and Suki also evaporated, I guess?

I mean, there are SO many other examples.

They -in terms of writing women/their narratives- are not nearly as revolutionary as they keep getting credit for?!?

AtLA was damn amazing and LoK has so much potential but that’s the result of a collaborative effort, not the infallible whim of mike and bryan

((Where is katara?))

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